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  • Three Signs You Might Need a Professional Portfolio Manager


    With so much uncertainty in the markets and in events around the world, many investors are uncertain about their financial future. For these investors – and particularly those with sizable assets in the equities markets – who want to make the most of their portfolios, hiring a professional portfolio manager could help to ease anxieties.

    If you identify with any of the below investors, you may not be the best person to handle your own investments, and you might benefit from the guidance of a professional portfolio manager.

    The Inexperienced: Some investors simply lack the expertise to manage their own portfolios. They may not know how to allocate assets among the dizzying array of investment choices, or perhaps they don’t understand how certain investments work.

    The Overwhelmed: Many investors, of course, do manage their own accounts. But managing investments is time-consuming. Do-it-yourself investors may not enjoy managing their own portfolios, or perhaps they are dissatisfied with their own results.

    The Unsatisfied: Others may already work with a broker or investment advisor, but are unhappy with the level of service they have received. Poor performance can also play a role in the decision to take your portfolio elsewhere.

    For all of these investors, a professional portfolio manager may represent the best chance to meet your investment goals.

    In our next blog, we’ll discuss some of the potential benefits of using a professional portfolio manager.

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