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  • Portfolio Strategy News Daily Links 12-23-2008


    Note: The articles below are intended to be thought provoking and for your reading enjoyment. Please be aware that we publish these links for educational purposes only. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Hennion & Walsh or its employees. Hennion & Walsh is not responsible for the content of these articles, nor should their inclusion be considered an endorsement on our part.

    MarketBeat: 2008 Lookback: Worst Calls of the Year

      “In a year when the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index has lost 40% and just two of the 30 Dow industrials components are posting positive returns on the year, there has been no shortage of really, really, bad ideas and actions. But even in bad times, some calls turn out worse than others, and here’s just a few of ours.”

    MarketWatch: U.S. Q3 GDP down 0.5%

      “The U.S. economy slowed sharply in the third quarter, declining at a 0.5% annual rate, unrevised from last month’s estimate, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. It’s the weakest quarterly growth rate since the first quarter of 2001. The economy grew 2.8% in the second quarter. Economists now say that a recession began December 2007, based on data showing declining employment, incomes and industrial production. But it didn’t really sink in until the July-September quarter.” Six Reasons to Buy Stocks Now

      “Kiplinger’s forecasts that U.S. stocks will return 5% to 8% in the coming year (see Outlook 2009 ). In my view, there’s a decent chance that stocks will be considerably higher a year from now. Here are six reasons you should hang on to (or boost) your stock holdings.” Play Both Sides With a Bilateral Strategy

      “To build a bilateral strategy, you also need to overcome directional bias when looking at a price pattern. Although you see it in your mind as a long or a short, that’s often a fabrication created by greed or fear associated with risk-taking. In truth, many trades work with this approach, as long as you let the market tell you which way to go.”

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