Yearly Archives: 2021

  • Last Week’s Markets in Review: New Year, New Opportunities

    We recently flipped the calendar to a new year, however, 2021 has yet to offer a different tone than the chaotic year that was 2020. What it will offer, in our opinion, is new growth and potential income opportunities for investors to consider. We will highlight a few of those opportunities in this week’s update. ... Read More

  • Last Week’s Markets in Review: Considering Small-Cap Stocks for 2021?

    As we leave 2020 thankfully behind and enter the New Year, a growing number of market prognosticators are calling for a rotation from U.S large-cap stocks to U.S. small-cap stocks. This view has only been reinforced by the convincing rally seen in U.S. small-cap stocks over the last few months. ... Read More

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