Yearly Archives: 2020

  • New Developments Drive New Reactions to the Coronavirus

    Once again, the infamous coronavirus is attracting attention. This time, investors may be taking the potential economic implications a bit more seriously. For some time, we’ve known about the virus’s potential impact on China, and in turn, the global economy. ... Read More

  • Balancing Short-term Gains with Long-term Growth Prospects

    It’s no secret to stock investors that earnings drive long-term returns, but the expectation for what a company does with the cash it earns has changed over the last 30 years. Broadly speaking, a company has two options regarding what to do with any earnings (cash) generated during each fiscal quarter. ... Read More

  • Strong Economic Data Overcame Coronavirus Fears for Investors Last Week

    Earnings continue to roll in this week along with a slew of economic data releases. Updates on inflation, small business optimism, retail sales, and consumer sentiment will undoubtedly garner attention as will continued updates on the Coronavirus ... Read More

  • How Concerned Should Investors be about the Coronavirus?

    In judging what impact the coronavirus is likely to have on global economic growth and, by extension, portfolio returns, let’s first examine its lethality relative to previous contagions. For instance, the 2003 SARS outbreak carried a mortality rate of approximately 10%, whereas the mortality rate for victims of the coronavirus currently sits around 2.2% ... Read More

  • The World Economic Forum: Implications Beyond Climate Change

    The World Economic Forum (WEF), an annual meeting featuring world leaders in business and politics, concluded last week in the Swiss city of Davos. Globalization, technology, and creating a better world are generally common themes at the event ... Read More

  • Should Investors Worry about Presidential Elections?

    As we rapidly move closer to a U.S. presidential election in November of this year, many investors are naturally asking what effect the election results might have on their portfolio. Many investors may wonder if they should liquidate their holdings entirely, and subsequently hide in cash until the uncertainty, and any associated perceived risk subsides. ... Read More

  • Global Tensions Ease, Markets Move Higher

    Investors move into perceived “safe haven” assets while settling into a wait-and-see mindset ... Read More

  • How will Conflict with Iran Affect the Price of Oil?

    Oil markets rallied over 3% following the military conflict between the U.S. and Iran, leaving many to question whether oil could continue to climb higher. In our view, the scope of Iran’s oil production, in relation to global oil production, is far too narrow to have a prolonged material impact on the price of oil ... Read More

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