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  • Is the Market Oversold?

    Major averages finished down last week after a choppy trading session, posting another negative weekly return for the fourth time in the last five weeks. U.S. and global equities swayed throughout the week on encouraging news as President Trump struck an optimistic tone regarding trade with China ... Read More

  • Is the Treasury Yield Curve a Crystal Ball?

    Concerns over trade, Brexit, and the first signs of an inverted Treasury yield curve sent equity markets into a vicious tailspin as the S&P 500 Index retreated 4.55%, settling at a level of 2633, while the Russell Midcap Index fell 4.35% last week ... Read More

  • Last Week Was The Stock Market’s Best Week of 2018

    Global equity markets came storming back last week following a very disappointing shortened trading week. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial average advanced 5.32% and the NASDAQ Composite gained 5.66%, both representing a nearly 10% week to week swing ... Read More

  • Slowdown Doesn’t Mean Recession

    Global equity markets took it on the chin last week, continuing their steady decline from certain all-time highs as the S&P 500 Index retreated 3.77%, settling at a level of 2633, and the Russell Midcap Index fell 2.48% for the week ... Read More

  • Another Strong Holiday Shopping Season is Expected

    Retailers take the spotlight this week. Third quarter earnings season is coming to a close, however, there are still a number of retailers scheduled to release earnings this week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday break. Speaking of Thanksgiving, this leads us into Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season ... Read More

  • U.S. Stock Market Welcomes Outcomes of Midterm Elections and Fed Meeting

    There are few things that will restrain an upward trending stock market more so than uncertainty, and this past week the U.S. equities market were pleased to see one of those uncertainties removed, partially alleviating some ambiguity. ... Read More

  • Midterm Elections Highlight the Week Ahead

    Before we dive into this week’s midterm elections, and associated, potential economic and market implications, let’s recap last week’s eventful trading session. Global equity markets finished firmly in positive territory for the week, although it certainly was not a smooth ride ... Read More

  • Market Volatility Can Serve as a Reminder of an Investor’s True Risk Tolerance

    As global equity markets continue their month long retreat, many investors may be questioning if it’s time to swap their stock portfolio for cash in an attempt to avoid further downside. In our view, this rationale is often misguided and shortsighted. ... Read More

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