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  • Solid Earnings and Economic Data Forgotten Amidst Political and Monetary Uncertainty

    Large Cap U.S. Stocks fell 0.7% while Small Cap U.S. Stocks fell 2.5% as risk off sentiment rippled through the markets last week. In addition to stocks feeling pressure, bonds offered no shelter as yields rose in anticipation of an upcoming interest rate hike and better than expected economic activity raised the prospect for a faster pace of monetary tightening ... Read More

  • Positive Data Helps Stocks Move Modestly Higher

    U.S. Stocks rose 0.4% last week as both earnings announcements and economic data releases painted a relatively optimistic picture of the U.S. economy and corporate profitability. On the international front, developed markets rose 0.5% despite the European Central Bank (ECB) leaving monetary policy unchanged and, for the time being, not adjusting their asset purchase program. ... Read More

  • Fluctuations Foreshadow a Likely Volatile Fourth Quarter

    Stocks and bonds moved in sync last week, falling in value nearly across the board with the exception of the Utility, Real Estate and Telecom sectors of the stock market and the High Yield sector of the U.S. bond market. ... Read More

  • Preparing for Volatility

    The S&P 500 Index dropped 0.6% last week, while on the international front developed markets fell 0.8% and emerging markets gained 1.3%. Economic data continues to suggest that the economy is expanding at a moderate pace, firming the argument for an interest rate hike before year-end and pushing the yield on the 10 Year U.S. Treasury up to 1.73% from 1.60% last week ... Read More

  • A Relatively Quiet but Profitable Third Quarter

    U.S. stocks gained 0.2% last week, developed international markets declined 0.65%, and emerging markets fell 1.5%. Headlines were dominated by a potential OPEC deal which propelled oil prices 7.7% higher, closing the week at $48.24 for a barrel of WTI Crude. ... Read More

  • The Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged AGAIN and Stocks Bump Higher

    The widely anticipated Federal Reserve (“Fed”) meeting ended last Wednesday with the non-earth shattering news that rates would be left unchanged again by the Fed. Stocks rallied around the world in response, which was somewhat surprising given that the probability for a rate hike was quite low. ... Read More

  • Volatility Continues as Stocks Register Minor Gains

    Day-to-day volatility continued last week with the S&P 500 Index gaining or losing more than 1.0% on three of five trading days. Investors had a wide variety of economic data to digest including an inflation measure, Industrial Production, and Retail Sales while also considering comments from Federal Reserve Bank Presidents and Governors in advance of this week’s much anticipated Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. ... Read More

  • The Return of Market Volatility

    After 43 trading days without a change in value of greater than 1.0%, the S&P 500 Index dropped 2.5% on Friday, reminding investors that prices can move quickly and without much warning. After the close on Friday, the market had lost 2.4% for the week - the worst 5 day performance for U.S. stocks since February. ... Read More

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