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  • Four Benefits to Look for in a Portfolio Manager


    In our last blog, we discussed some reasons why an investor might want to consider using a professional portfolio manager rather than go it alone. Now we’ll talk about what benefits to look for in such a professional.

    What do individuals investors actually get when they decide to go down this route? Here are four potential benefits to seek when considering professional portfolio management.

    A disciplined investment approach: Looking after you, your goals and your portfolio should be the number one job for portfolio managers. By choosing to work with a portfolio manager, you’re saying that you are ready to find the best possible approach for meeting your investment goals. A solid portfolio manager should give you the expert insights and discipline to help make that possible.

    A custom-built investment strategy: Everyone has different goals for their investments and different appetites for risk. A portfolio manager should be someone who will take the time to get to know you, your objectives and your style. By focusing on your objectives and comfort level with an eye on risk, a portfolio manager should incorporate strong investment principles and experience to tailor an investment strategy that fits your specific needs.

    A dedicated customer service representative: When you call your manager’s office, will you be speaking to an assistant, a call center rep, or the actual manager? Look for a portfolio manager who will be your personal customer service representative – someone you can rely upon to offer insights and perspectives that put you and your investments on the right track. Like any great customer service representative, a portfolio manager should go above and beyond by proactively communicating any additional information that you might need or want.

    Continuous portfolio oversight and strategic rebalancing: After your investment strategy is developed, you and your portfolio should continue to receive the same great level of service and care that you had at the development stage. You should be able to sleep easy knowing that your portfolio manager is keeping an eye on your portfolio. He or she should also working in coordination with a team of other experts that can also offer additional perspectives on how to rebalance your investments, as needed.

    For the right investor, portfolio management can possibly help reach their investment goals.

    The information provided is not an invitation to invest in any products or services or otherwise deal in any of these or enter into a contract with Hennion & Walsh or any other company. The information provided should not be relied upon in connection with any investment decision. You should not act upon any information contained herein without first consulting a suitably qualified financial or other professional advisor.

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