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  • Celebrating 26 Years


    Since our founding in 1990, Hennion & Walsh has maintained a steadfast commitment to advocating for the individual investor. Our motivation in starting the business was to change the experience of the individual investor – one that has been long defined by a lack of benefits, resources and services that institutional investors enjoyed. Twenty-six years later, this still remains our singular goal.

    Hennion & Walsh was built on loyalty, family values and teamwork and we work together every day to make sure we’re delivering the best advice and service to help individual investors reach their financial goals. We’re not beholden to anyone but our clients and we keep their best interest at the heart of everything we do.

    Just like when we started, our role today is centered on guiding investors in making smart investment decisions to align with their financial goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on treating every investor, large and small, with a personal touch and employ a practice of “bonding” with clients through long-term relationships, one-on-one attention, close partnerships and personalized attention and service. This ensures that our staff is in tune with what clients want so we can then match their objectives with specific offerings.

    As we reflect on 26 years in the business and look forward to the future, we never lose sight of our early days. We built this business from the ground up and have successfully evolved with a changing market. But most importantly, we’ve maintained an old-fashioned approach to establishing and keeping clients and helping them get their fair shake in this complex industry.

    We’re proud of what we have accomplished as a company and for our clients. Our success is a testament to the foundation we’ve built and we look forward to further growing and evolving our business to better serve and advocate for the individual investor.

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