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  • radar

    REITs Continue to Fly Under the Radar

    Real estate investment trusts (REITs) represent a type of security that invests in real estate, through either property or mortgages, and typically trade on an exchange. While many concerns have been raised about non-traded REITs in recent years, publicly traded REITs, both in the U.S. and globally, have turned in some impressive results of late. ... Read More

  • hovish

    Fed Maintains “Hovish” Stance but More Rate Hikes Expected in 2016

    ollowing their meeting this week, the Federal Reserve (Fed) chose to leave interest rates unchanged again. While we believe that the Fed would like to adopt more of an increasingly hawkish stance given solidifying economic data in the U.S. and mounting inflationary pressures, it seems that they continue to strike somewhat of a dovish tone to appease certain vocal dissenters and those concerned with global economic growth altogether ... Read More

  • equities

    International Equities Gaining Momentum

    As a backdrop, here is our current outlook for global economic growth in 2016. • The U.S. economy, while not knocking the cover off the ball by any means is stabilizing and we anticipate that it will grow this year by an annualized rate of somewhere between 2.4% - 2.8%. ... Read More

  • Is Now The Time to Invest in the Energy Sector

    Is Now the Time to Invest in the Energy Sector?

    The energy sector has been mired in a historic decline of crude oil prices essentially since 2014. This has largely been due to an oversupplied market in the face of relatively flat global demand ... Read More

  • Selloff

    Reasons why this Market Selloff is Overdone

    Concerns over a slowdown in Chinese economic growth and plummeting oil prices have been credited with being the major factors contributing towards the dramatic volatility in global stock markets thus far in 2016. We believe that this January selloff, the extent of which has surprised many, appears overdone based upon the following factors ... Read More

  • rising interest rates and bonds

    Bonds Can Still Perform when Interest Rates Rise

    It has long been our contention at Hennion & Walsh that, for income oriented investors, bonds can provide for a dependable and consistent stream of income, and principal protection when held to maturity.   Bonds, whether they are Municipal, Government or ... Read More

  • investment

    Investment Themes to Consider for the Remainder of 2015

    We contend that the market is poised for a strong finish this year (some of which we have seen already thus far in the beginning stages of the 4th quarter) following a volatile finish to the 3rd quarter. There is even some historical precedent for such strong calendar year finishes, regardless of the performance of the stock market during the month of September of the 3rd quarter overall. ... Read More

  • Fed Lowers Interest Rate Target for 2016 but now is ready to Start Raising Rates in 2015

    We have updated our projected Federal Reserve timeline based upon outtakes from the last Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting earlier this month.  As a result of what we know, based upon what the Fed has communicated and what we ... Read More

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