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  • Effective Portfolio Risk Management in Volatile Markets

    At the heart of effective risk management lies a deep understanding of portfolio risk. Portfolio risk encompasses the potential for fluctuating returns due to the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of investments. It includes various forms of risk such as market volatility, credit risk, liquidity risk, and event-driven disruptions,. Each posing unique challenges to the stability and performance of an investment portfolio. This inherent uncertainty in achieving expected returns necessitates a strategic approach to asset allocation and diversification, aiming to balance the scales of risk and return ... Read More

  • Is Your Home Part of Your Retirement Plan?

    Retirement planning involves ensuring you have enough assets and handling them prudently to provide you with the income you want throughout your retirement But what about the asset you live in? Factoring your home into your retirement planning has an impact on your lifestyle choices, your available income, your late-stage retirement, and even your estate plan ... Read More

  • Managing Your Tax Risk with Diversification

    Managing the volatility of investment assets by creating a diversified portfolio is one of the basic principles of investing. Dividing up your investments by asset classes can help you create the income stream you need, once you become dependent on your savings and investments in retirement. Your goal is to create a risk-adjusted return that you can live on, but that is also a balance of selecting investments that allow to you sleep at night, but also keep you from missing out on potential upside ... Read More

  • Financial Planning Principles: Organizing Your Money for a Secure Future

    Getting organized, including managing finances, is one of those goals that seems life-changing if you could achieve it. Yet, it always feels just out of reach. The desire for organization is the basis of a very big industry that covers everything from super engaging software tools to the resurgence of old-school paper-based planners and journals to shelving, closets, and storage for everything and every room in your house. The process can be enjoyable, and the results can make your life feel more in control and can make your space less cluttered. The problem is that humans seem to always get more stuff, or they get busy and don’t put the stuff back where it belongs. Additionally, there's a very understandable reluctance to part with possessions ... Read More

  • Navigating the Inflation Landscape: Tax Planning Strategies for 2024

    The inflation rate has precipitously dropped from the forty-year highs we saw in 2022, but it remains elevated. While we are seeing the relief on prices, there are some positive impacts of higher inflation. The IRS links tax brackets, deductions, and retirement savings contributions like 401(k)s to inflation, allowing for increased retirement savings, reduced taxes, and higher earnings without shifting into a higher tax bracket. Despite expected decreases in inflation, changes in tax brackets, standard deductions, and contribution limits are likely to remain permanent ... Read More

  • Rethinking Tax Planning in Retirement from a Risk Perspective

    When building a financial plan for every stage of your journey, from early working years to retirement, consider saving, investing and tax planning in retirement as foundational elements. Starting early, saving as much as possible, and being thoughtful about how you allocate your portfolio to balance risk and return potential are the basics for most investors. As you begin to have more income, and your investments start to grow through the power of compounding, taxes begin to become more important ... Read More

  • Setting a Strategy for Retirement Withdrawals – Your Key to a Secure Future

    Contrary to popular belief, having self-control can make someone a great saver, but it can also make them struggle to take advantage of their savings. especially when it comes to planning for retirement withdrawals. Naturally, this is not a very bad issue to have, but it can indicate that they are extremely thrifty and don't know how much is "safe" to spend, which would limit their ability to enjoy retirement. ... Read More

  • Navigating High Interest Rates: A Guide For Investors

    High interest rates can have a significant impact on investors' financial decisions. Understanding how to navigate these rates is crucial for making informed investment choices. In today's blog post, we will examine the effects of high interest rates on investors and provide some tips on how to navigate this challenging environment, recognizing that interest rates, while remaining high, are forecasted to decline over the next few years ... Read More

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