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  • Top 10 Investment Themes for 2024

    Happy New Year, everyone! As you may recall, our overall macro theme for 2023 was "Better Days Ahead." The theme proved to be relatively accurate, at least as it relates to the stock market, although the better days were enjoyed primarily by just seven large cap technology stocks – the "Magnificent 7" stocks, if you will, belonging to Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, and Tesla. 2024 should see a widening of the rally's breadth for stocks (although the stock market will likely not experience the heights of the overall gains that took place in 2023) and bonds, provided that the Federal Reserve shifts from tightening to accommodation as inflation continues to moderate and the economy slows ... Read More

  • Harnessing the Power of Compounding

    When it comes to building long-term wealth for retirement, we believe compounding returns on your investments will help you achieve your retirement and financial goals. Compounding is the process by which an investment generates earnings, which are then reinvested to generate even more earnings in the future ... Read More

  • Are We Heading Toward A Recession Right Now?

    Are we heading toward a recession? Before we answer that question, let’s first define what a recession is. In economics, a recession is a contraction in the business cycle that occurs when there is a general decline in economic activity. ... Read More

  • Retirement Planning for a New Paradigm

    Are you thinking about retirement? There’s the good part – the travel, time with family, catching up with yourself or achieving long-held dreams or goals. But then there’s worrying if you’ve saved enough and you’ll be able to afford the life you want. Retirement planning allows you to live the life you want ... Read More

  • Are Consumers Finally Going to See Price Decreases?

    Inflation has had a significant impact on consumers over the past 12 months, leading to rising consumer prices for goods and services. This has resulted in increased costs for everyday necessities. Making it more challenging for consumers to maintain their purchasing power and meet their financial needs ... Read More

  • Social Security Strategies for Married Couples

    Have you thought about what age you will claim social security benefits? As you get closer to retirement, it’s surprising how that question can be a real conversation starter. Social security may not provide the lion's share of your retirement income, but it’s a key piece of the retirement puzzle because it’s predictable income with tax advantages. ... Read More

  • Bonds are Boring, But…

    Bonds yielding 5% tax-free income are now a possibility for some fixed-income investors. Interest rates have risen dramatically over the past year as the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates to slow the U.S. economy and to curb rampant inflation. An economic slowdown, increased borrowing costs for both individuals and corporations and an unaffordable housing market that has 30-year fixed rates approaching 8% are all direct consequences of these higher rates ... Read More

  • Financial Wellness Is Wellness

    Wellness, in all its many facets, is increasingly becoming part of daily life. It's a holistic, whole-life approach that involves optimizing our physical, mental and emotional fitness. The goal is to have a healthy, fulfilling, active life with joyful relationships and experiences. Taking time for self-care and accessing resources to help you are all popular methods to achieve wellness. What's often missing is the financial dimension. Even worse, finances may be seen as in opposition to achieving wellness, as a scarcity or saving mindset may mean making sacrifices rather than choices ... Read More

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