Yearly Archives: 2023

  • How Do You Create a Retirement “Paycheck?”

    There's one question we hear most often from those nearing retirement, is some variation on this: “How do I get my money out of my retirement plan and into my checking account?” The question is not as simple as it appears – that's why people ask it. They’re not asking about the mechanics of a 401(k) withdrawal. They want to understand the switch from saving to spending, and it’s an entire cascade of questions covering how to decumulate assets in retirement ... Read More

  • Bank Failures – How It Happened and What It Means For Investors

    Over the last few weeks, we saw the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and what it meant for the markets. A lot has happened since then, so we thought a short update would be in order. Volatility in the banking industry almost always means volatility in the markets, and there has been a lot of both so far ... Read More

  • Tactics to Boost Your Retirement Savings – If You’re Over 50

    How much do you need for retirement? Well, investment research firm Morningstar has a handy but somewhat scary stat: $1.18 million. Using average annual returns of 6 percent and pegging inflation at 2.5%, Morningstar calculates that’s the amount of savings needed to achieve $40,000 per year in annual income for 30 years *1. Here are some tactics to boost your retirement savings if you’re over 50 ... Read More

  • Staying Stable With Sudden Wealth

    Even when the influx of a large amount of money and sudden wealth are happy events, it can provoke many uncomfortable feelings. There can be even more emotions at play when it is an inheritance, a sale of family property, or even a business exit ... Read More

  • Now That the Resolutions Part Is Over, Let’s Focus on Resources

    The New Year’s resolutions process starts with good intentions, an honest assessment of how things are now, and then a visualization of what you want your new life to look like. The next step is usually action – going to the gym, starting a diet, limiting alcohol, whatever your goal is, the first few weeks and months of the year are when the desire begins to go beyond intentions and starts to be implemented in your life ... Read More

  • The Benefits of a Living Inheritance

    Creating a gifting strategy to donate assets to non-profits or causes that are meaningful is a standard part of many financial plans – not just estate plans. Giving can begin at any age and is often a family activity ... Read More

  • Quitting Out Loud – The Early Retirement Decision

    Waiting until 65 to retire isn’t as easy as it used to be – especially since, for many people, their retirement age is now closer to 67. But retiring early and successfully requires planning to ensure you can have the life you envision ... Read More

  • Recession, Recovery, or Both?

    The markets are starting to feel like Groundhog Day. Almost every month, it's a cadence of employment numbers, CPI, Fed, -- market reacts. With inflation starting to trend down, even if only slightly, optimism has been making a comeback. That means moving our analogy to another charming rodent. It seems like the Fed is playing whack-a-mole with coordinated statements designed to tamp down expectations for a rate cut anytime soon. The Fed wants to keep asset prices lower to aid in slowing the economy and help it get inflation under control ... Read More

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