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  • A Choppy September Could Lead into a Strong 4th Quarter

    Coming off of a volatile month of August, where the S&P 500 index fell by over 6% on a total return basis, many stock market investors are looking for indications of what lies ahead for the final four months of ... Read More

  • The Stock Market is Fairly Valued

    Many have argued for quite some time that the stock market is overvalued and long overdue for a correction. While it may be true that the stock market recovery has significantly outpaced the economic recovery since the most recent stock ... Read More

  • Is this THE Big Market Correction?

    In addition to global economic contagion fears related to ongoing activities in China and market impact fears over what was presumed to be a likely interest rate hike by the Fed in September, we believe that a large part of ... Read More

  • greece

    How Greece is Impacting the Financial Markets

    A lot of the volatility witnessed across global stock markets thus far in 2015 can be attributed to the ongoing soap opera involving Greece, the European Union (“EU”) and the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”).  Greece, arguably the most notorious of ... Read More

  • International Equities

    International Equities are Looking More Attractive to Investors

    We believe that the prospects for continued economic growth, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), in the U.S. in 2015 are strong but remain skeptical about the ability of the U.S. economy to exceed 3% annualized GDP growth this ... Read More

  • Sustainable Investing

    Modern Sustainable Responsible Impact Investing vs. Traditional Socially Responsible Investing

    A review of these two different “SRI” approaches Sustainable impact investing is not necessarily something new to Wall Street but rather actually just the next step in the evolution of socially responsible investing (SRI) strategies.   For those who may not ... Read More

  • Fed Lowers Interest Rate Target for 2016 but now is ready to Start Raising Rates in 2015

    We have updated our projected Federal Reserve timeline based upon outtakes from the last Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting earlier this month.  As a result of what we know, based upon what the Fed has communicated and what we ... Read More

  • A Look Back: 25 Years in Business for Hennion & Walsh

    Since our founding in 1990, Hennion & Walsh has maintained a steadfast commitment to advocating for the individual investor. Our motivation in starting the business was to change the experience of the individual investor – one that has been long ... Read More

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